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About Us
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Welcome to Creative Devices Inc.

We are application specialists since 1970 for:
    Semiconductor Test,
    Materials Analysis.

We import:
Microscopes and Optics for:
     inspection, measurement, polarized light,
     metallurgy and biology.

We manufacture:
Semiconductor probe stations,
Custom Optics & Systems,
    I.R. Inspection Systems,
Raman Spectroscopy Microscopes,
    Emission Microscopes,
    Custom Probe Stations for Photonic,
    high and low  voltage and unique applications,

We have:
Used Microscopes,
    NIR, NUV, VIS, LWD, Window corrected optics.

We are distributors for the following Manufacturers of
New Wave Research - Semiconductor Lasers,
     Mitutoyo - long working distance Microscopes,
     Meiji Techno Microscopes,
     Prior Motorized Stages,

We can be reached at:
    Creative Devices Inc
    361 Misty Vale Drive
    Middletown, DE 19709

    Tele:(302) 378-5433
    FAX: (302) 378-0952
    e-Mail -